Presenting a good CV is the best way to get noticed. You use it to be remembered, to show how you are different from all the others applying for the job and as a source of conversation when you are in a job-interview, both formal and informal.

There are many ways to make a CV but the basic rule is to keep it simple, easily readable and short. Check on it regularly to improve it and attach it to your information on Mínar síður at Vinnumálastofnun.

Vinnumálastofnun sends the information you have registered in our database to employers that are looking for someone with your skills or experience, and if your CV is attached to your registration that will also be sent to the employer and will improve your chances of getting an interview. 

cv - ferilskrá

This is an example of a very simple CV. You start with the contact information, then you state your most relevant experience and putting the last experience first and going backward in time from there. A relevant education should then come and also in a reverse order. Then you put any courses that you have taken and your language-skills in Icelandic, English and other languages.

Under “other experience / önnur reynsla” you can put anything you have done that is neither work nor school. There you put if you have been training sports, learned to play an instrument, participated in an organisation, worked as an volunteer or anything else that will draw attention to you and make you stick out.

At the end you have a contact that can give you recommendation. This should be your former boss or someone that worked with you, was superior to you and knows you as a worker. Let that person know that you are giving his or her name for recommendation so they won’t be surprised when receiving a phone-call.

It is not necessary to put a picture, but if you have a good one, formal, you can use it. 

Here are some examples of  CV stylesheets:

CV 1
CV 2
CV 3
CV 4

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