How to find work

how to find a job

You can find announcements for job vacancies  on line, in Fréttablaðið, on the homepage of Vinnumálastofnun and other job agencies.

But remember that most jobs are never announced so it is a good idea to send your CV to any company that you find interesting and want to work with. You can also just show up in a company and ask to talk to a manager, and by that create your own interview, instead of waiting to be invited to one.

Many companies have job-applications on their homepages where you can apply for specific jobs or send in a general application.

It is also good to register at different job- agencies. It might be a bit of a work to fill out the application form for the first time, but once you are registered it is easy to apply for any jobs that are announced at that agency.

The best way to find work is to use your network. Keep in touch with your former workmates, tell all your friends you are looking for work and use all the contacts you have.

Many labour unions also have information about available jobs for their members, free courses that can help you and other service, so do contact your labour union to see what it can offer you.

It is important to be organised in your job search. Every time you apply for a job, fill out a formal application, send an email to ask for work or just leave you CV somewhere, it is good to write down the date, whom you contacted, what job it was for and when you are going to contact that work again for a follow-up.

If you send your CV to a company or leave it there you can contact it again within a week to ask if they have had time to look at it and if there are any possibilities. If not, then you can contact that company again one month later.

If you applied for a job that was announced and with an application deadline you can contact the company a week or ten days after the deadline.

Make a plan at the beginning of the week, where you are going to apply for the first time and where you are going to give follow up.


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