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At Vinnumálastofnun you can get help in your job-search. There are job-agents that can help you find vacant jobs and interesting places to apply at.

If you know of a place where you are very interested in working you can ask to be given a chance of a job-training. In that case you, the company and Vinnumálastofnun make a deal where Vinnumálastofnun pays the company for hiring you for up to 6 months, you leave the benefit during that time and are hired normally, and when the time has passed either the company keeps you on the workforce without financial assistance from Vinnumálastofnun or not. But even if you do not keep the job after the training is over, at least you have got the experience of working there that you can put on your CV and you have expanded your network, which will help you in finding another work.

You are not allowed to work on your own business while receiving unemployment benefits. But if you think you have a good idea for a business that could help you leave the benefits you can apply for a permit to work on your business idea for up to 6 months. For more information you should talk to a counsellor at Vinnumálastofnun.

There are several work-and study counsellors that can help you with anything that has to do with you job-search. If you need help with organizing your search or with any personal problems that are preventing you in your search. You are welcome to ask for an appointment with a counsellor or just drop by to talk to one. Open hours, without an appointment, are in the afternoon.

For nationals of the European Economic Area countries it is possible to go in search of a job in another European Economic Area country and keep the benefits in Iceland for up to 3 months while doing it. It is called U2 and you have to apply for it a few weeks before you go abroad.

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