Loss of employment

Most people who suffer loss of employment will experience this as a shock. The shock is a natural reaction to difficult circumstances. It depends on the situation of each person how great the emotional reaction is to losing his or her job and in that case what may also be important are the reasons for the loss of work. Sometimes the situation in the job market is good and individuals are well prepared to handle the challenge of a change in circumstances but sometimes it may turn out more difficult to overcome a change in circumstances for example because of previous difficulties in the workplace, circumstances in the personal life or that individuals have not been keeping up their professional competence such as through training or continuous education. Anxiety and stress may emerge and can become inhibitory and then it is a good advice to keep in mind that it may be difficult to get over the shock without help. If we have a positive attitude towards change the incentive then becomes greater to increase our knowledge and skills which may lead us down new paths and thereby open up further opportunities. The consultants at the Directorate of Labour provide support during loss of employment and in the quest for employment.

It can be beneficial to keep the following issues in mind when addressing change in circumstances.

Register for job-search and apply for unemployment benefits

The Directorate of Labour pays out unemployment benefits as of the day when an individual applies electronically through the website of the Directorate of Labour. Click here in order to apply for unemployment benefits. It is therefore important to register as early as possible for job-search at the Directorate of Labour as well as with other employment services (link to other employment agencies). It is possible to engage in active job-search throughout the whole country and it is possible to look at vacancies on the website of the Directorate of Labour. Click here if you want to look at vacancies.

Reorganise your finances

Employment is closely linked to the livelihood of people because the wages provide the basis for supporting ourselves. Upon loss of employment one must therefore review the finances, in particular the liabilities and consumption and the possibilities for income because the finances very quickly get into dire straits if one does not make arrangements. It is important to see if it is necessary to reschedule loans and whether it is possible to reduce expenses because normally a cut in income follows loss of employment. You can talk with your service representative in your bank. If you have difficulties in meeting payments due you will also be able to get assistance from The Debtors Ombudsman.

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