Pig farm worker

Starf nr. EUR170217-01

Skráð á vefinn 16.02.2017

Pig farm in the capital region (Iceland) is seeking a pig farm worker.

  • The Brautarholt farm is located ca 20 km from Reykjavik.  The farm holds 3.000-4.000 slaughter pigs.  The farm uses pre-made food.
  • We are looking for an employee to operate the farm, including overseeing grading, feeding, cleaning, vaccinations and medications and delivering slaugther animals. 
  • The employee must be able to take care of basic maintenance of feeding and ventilation systems.
  • We are looking for a skilled employee with at least 3 years experience in pig farming and preferably with education in pig farming.
  • Working hours: ca 08:00-17:00 weekdays + every other weekend
  • On-site accomodation included.
  • Driver‘s license required
  • Wages according to collective agreements in Iceland,
  • and is negotiable, in accordance with experience and knowledge
  • Please apply before June 30th by filling in an online application here:
  • www.vinnumalastofnun.is/eures and put "pigfarm" in the field for employer.







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