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Hlemmur square hotel and hostel is seeking a breakfast manager.

The position is 100% and the breakfast manager reports directly to the food and beverage manager.


The job includes:

Supervise all breakfast staff  to serve all our guests from Hotel and Hostel to the most upscale level.

Do all ordering for breakfast so all items will always be replenished.

Ensure staff sets up, breaks down buffet, replaces all missing items and have it always presented in to the most upscale standards.

Ensure that all lunch bags for school groups are done properly and in a timely fashion.

Ensure with housekeeper that staff cleans the lobby restaurant and bar area daily and check and ensure it is properly done. Ensure all dietary needs are adhered to.

Work with Food and Beverage Manager and Operations Manager to handle all social media for Hotel, hostel, restaurant and bar.

Attend operations meetings on a weekly basis.

Attend to all special tasks as assigned by senior management and ownership.



Must be able to work weekends and flexible hours and start at 5 am should it be required.

Must be able to communicate social media in a proper way and fashion and follow up.

Must speak English and Spanish MANDATORY. Icelandic is condsidered an advantage but not required.

Must have a Hotel degree MANDATORY.

Must be available for events in the restaurant/bar when needed when needed.

Must have at least 5 years of Hotel work experience MANDATORY.


Further information available by contacting: 

Please apply before March 31st by filling in an online application here: and put "breakfastM" in the field for employer.







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