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HI Ambassador

The role of the HI Iceland Ambassador is to be a link between HI Iceland, and other HI organizations around the world, non-governmental organizations, national representatives of countries HI Iceland most frequently collaborates with, as well as any public forum where our work is important. The HI Iceland Ambassador is expected to utilize the results our organization has accomplished in order to convey the message of the importance that responsible non-for-profit organizations have for local communities.

Cooperation with representatives from other HI organizations around the world, facilitating sustainable travel and accommodation, cultural exchange, and awareness of responsible tourism of HI guests in Iceland.
Focusing on a sustainable environment with a particular focus on environmental issues that tourism brings as an industry.
Help HI Iceland keep its competitive edge at the forefront of sustainable tourism.

Education and Experience:
Master's degree in international affairs with emphasis on smaller states.
Work experience within the hostelling environment, preferably Hostelling International.
Experience from ESC voluntary exchange studies.
Knowledge of quality standards applied to the hospitality industry.
Knowledge of international organizations and international cooperation, with particular expertise in Icelandic affairs.
Knowledge of Iceland and what it has to offer to travellers.

English - perfect language skills.
Icelandic - preferred language skills.
Having a third language is a great asset.
Great communication skills.
Collaborative team spirit.
Show initiative and follow-through of projects of tasks.
A valid driving license is required.

The position is permanent and 100%.
Work hours around 08:00 - 17:00.

Wages according to collective agreement with VR, union in Iceland.

Please apply by filling in an online application here: www.https//vinnumalastofnun.is/eures and put "221130-12" in the field for employer.

Last application date is 31.12.22.



Starf nr.: 221130-12

Skráð á vefinn: 30.11.2022

Stöðugildi: 1

Starfshlutfall: 100%

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