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Who has the right to counselling and support due to impaired work capacity?

We offer assistance to job seekers with impaired work capacity due to mental and/or physical disability in finding jobs in the labour market. The Directorate of Labour’s counsellors assist in finding a job and the support, and the follow-up depends on the individual. The counsellors at The Directorate of Labour and job seekers search for available jobs to give job seekers an opportunity in the labour market.

The employer and the employee have access to a counsellor as needed.

Which employers can use the service?

Companies and agencies in the labour market that want to contribute to social responsibility and diversity in the workforce.

I want to recruit an individual with impaired work capacity, how is the service process?

The first step towards employment can be an introduction to the job. In this way, the individual can try out the job and supervisors can see if the job is suited for the employee. No commitment is involved when an individual starts a job trial. Should there be a recruitment, The Directorate of Labour provides employees and employers with support, counselling and follow-up as needed. The follow-up diminishes as skills and confidence grow but the counsellors are always available. Furthermore, employers can be provided with assistance in mapping suitable jobs and tasks.

What is an employment contract for the disabled?

Employment contracts for the disabled are reimbursement contracts with employers who have recruited people with disabilities. The Directorate of Labour is the administrator for employment contracts for people with disabilities. Companies and agencies which are ready to recruit individuals with reduced work capacity can request to use employment contracts. The contract is made in collaboration with The Directorate of Labour, and involves a 75% reimbursement of wages for up to two years. The ratio is then reduced by 10% per year until it reaches a minimum of 25% reimbursement ratio.


The employer pays an employee according to an employment contract based on a collective wage agreement and submits payslips on a monthly basis via the employer's portal. The Directorate of Labour then reimburses the employer a proportion of the wages and wage-related expenses.


Counsellors handle the making of contracts and explain the reimbursement process to the employers. This is an electronic process on The Directorate of Labour’s website and it is simple to follow.

Who have the right to make employment contracts with the disabled?

To fulfill the requirements for an employment contract with the disabled, the individuals have to be employed in the labour market, have a valid disability assessment, receive rehabilitation pension or less than 50% of disability grant payments, and receive payments from The Social Insurance Administration.

What are the next steps for a company that wants to recruit a job seeker with impaired work capacity?

An employment contract for the disabled is meant to increase the possibilities of job seekers with impaired work capacity to become employed in the labour market. If companies or agencies are interested in recruiting individuals with impaired work capacity it would be best for them to send an email to the email address or call the number 515-4800 and ask to speak with a counsellor who handles these matters.

Do you want to know more?

Inquiries can be sent to the email address: or you can call the number 515 4800.

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