News 2020 March

Benefit payments due to reduced employment ratio will be made on the 7th of April.

The Directorate of Labour will pay benefits due to reduced employment ratio on the 7th of April 2020


Applications due to reduced employment ratio currently unavailable

Please be informed that it currently not possible to apply for unemployment benefit payments alongside reduced employment ratio due to temporary company recessions as the application format production is not yet completed.


Important message to individuals who’s employment ratio has been reduced due the current labour market situation.

Please be informed that you are not yet able to apply for a reduced employment ratio due to labour market recession since the parliament hasn't passed the necessary legislation. The Directorate of Labour is currently working on the application’s digital implementation in accordance with how the proposed legislation looks, the application for reduced employment ratio is not yet available on the directorate’s website. We will send out a notification when the application database is ready, and individuals who have had their employment ratio reduced are able to apply. Please note that all applications will made valid from the date from which the reduced employment ratio was arranged, but not earlier than from the 15th of March. The Directorate of Labour requests that patience be shown due to increased workloads and encourages everyone to track announcements on the directorate’s website.


Important notification regarding legislation amendments on unemployment insurance and reduced employment ratio.

A bill for amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act on reduced employment ratio has been introduced to parliament.


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