Notification to job seekers in reduced employment ratio for May

Job seekers, please be informed that if you are to continue to be registered on unemployment benefits alongside reduced employment ratio in May, you are required to confirm this in My Pages between the 20th and 25th of May.

If you are on termination notice or have returned to your previous employment ratio, please log into My Pages and deregister from unemployment benefits.

To deregister via My Pages, please click on the box ‘Skrá mig af atvinnuleysisbótum’ (deregister me from unemployment benefits). A new window will appear where you stipulate from which day you would like to be deregistered and the reason why. You select the date from which your termination notice took effect or returned to your previous employment ratio. You then click on ‘Senda’ (send) and you are then deregistered from partial benefits at The Directorate of Labour.

Please be informed that you are required to report all income which you may earn while you are in reduced employment ratio. This is done by logging into My Pages and clicking ‘Tilkynna vinnu eða tekjur’ (report work or income) and select the type of income.

The Directorate of Labour has produced a short video which shows how the job seeker is able to deregister via My Pages.

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