Amendments to Foreign Nationals’ Right to Work Act.

Amendments to Foreign Nationals’ Right to Work Act. 

On the 15th of March, amendments to the Foreign Nationals’ Right to Work Act, no. 97/2002 were approved. 

With the amendments, changes were made to the provisions of Articles 11, 12, and 22 of the Act, which includes that resident permit holders based on humanitarian reasons, and grounds of legitimate and special purpose will subsequently be exempt from the requirement of obtaining a temporary work permit. Holders of such permits will also be entitled to unemployment insurance payments if other conditions are fulfilled. 

This group includes refugees from Ukraine who have been issued a residence permit based on Article 44. Act no. 80/2016 on foreigners due to collective protection. 

Information regarding the type of residence permit an individual holds may be found on their residence card, issued by The Directorate of Immigration.  

The Directorate of Labour will cease processing the work permit applications for these two groups which have already been received by the directorate for processing and will notify applicants that processing has been ceased since the foreign national is now exempt from requiring a work permit, per Article 22 of the Act.   

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