The labour market in February 2023

The unemployment rate in February was 3,7% and didn´t change from January.

There were in average 6.855 unemployed in February 2023.

Unemployment by gender:

The unemployment rate for men was was 3,7% in February 2023 and the same as in January. The unemployment for women was 3,6% in February and was unchanged from January.

The unemployment by young people:

There were 689 young, aged 18-24 years unemployed in February 2023 or up with 12 from January.

Long-term unemployment

There were 1.724 long-term unemployed  (over 12 months unemployed) in the end of February 2023 but in the end of February 2022 there were 3.439 long-term unemployed or down with 1.715 long-term unemployed from February 2022.

Foreign workers:

There were 277 work permits (all types of work permits) issued in February 2023 or down from 333 in January.  There were 36 foreign service companies registered to Directorate of Labour in February 2023.  These foreign service companies employed 257 workers in February 2023.

There were 20 temporary-work agencies registered to Directorate of Labour in February 2023.

These temporary-work agencies hired out 481 workers in February 2023.

The unemployment forecast for March 2023:

It is expected that the unemployment in March 2023 will reduce and be between 3,4% and 3,6%.

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