Apply for unemployed benefits

Please note that due to the large number of applications, it may take up to 6 weeks to process a new application for unemployment benefits.

  • Applications for unemployment benefits are to be made via ‘My pages’ at The Directorate of Labour’s website.
  • You are required to have either an electronic ID or Icekey to be able to apply.
Apply for unemployment benefits Click here to obtain an Ice key Click here to obtain an Electronic ID

When should I apply for employment and unemployment benefits?

You can apply for unemployment benefits one month prior to becoming fully (or partially) unemployed.

It is important to apply for unemployment benefits on the same day you become unemployed i.e., when your termination notice period ends, at the latest. Your unemployment benefit payments are calculated from the date you stipulate that you can commence employment in your application.

Where should I apply for unemployment benefits?

You apply for the unemployment benefits via My pages on the Directorate of Labour’ website.

To access the application, you click My pages and select ‘Jobseeker’. You can also click here to enter My pages.

To apply for unemployment benefits you need to have an Icekey or electronic ID

Please note that you need to have an Icekey or electronic ID to be able to apply for unemployment benefits. If you do not have either,  you can apply for an Icekey at, which can be sent by post to your legal address or sent electronically to your online bank. Keep in mind that it may take 4 to 6 days to have it delivered by post. An electronic ID can be obtained from

When you have received your Icekey or electronic ID,  go to the front page of the Directorate of Labour’s website, click on ‘My pages’ and log in using your Icekey or electronic ID.

What is ‘My Pages’?

My pages is your domain, where you can:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Apply for unemployment benefits
  • Submit documents supporting your application
  • Track the process of your application
  • Change your application
  • View payslips
  • Update personal information
  • Report income
  • Register vacations

Which documents do I have to submit?

When applying for unemployment benefits, you have to submit relevant documents with the application. You can see which documents during the application process. 
It all depends on your circumstances which documents you need to submit. 

Here are some examples of supporting documents you may need to submit.

  • Confirmation of an employment period or a confirmation of working hours from a union if it is not possible to obtain a confirmation of an employment period from the employer.
  • A fit-to-work certificate in cases of impaired work ability.
  • If you have another job, you need to record it in the application for unemployment benefits.
  • You have to report payments from pension funds, The Social Insurance Administration or other parties by selecting “Report income or employment” on My Pages. 
  • A confirmation of completion/graduation from your school, indicating your period of study.
  • Confirmation from your school of the scope of your studies.

Please be informed that if you have filled out an application and need to submit supporting documents, you can always do that in My Pages by selecting “Submit documents”.

During the application process you will see which documents need to be submitted, but if further documents are requested you will be contacted. 

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